Calibration baths

High reliability and ideal homogeneity

Calibration baths are electronic controllers which automatically, quickly and with the help of a liquid supply a temperature Due to the high reliability, accuracy and exceptional homogeneity in the measuring chamber, calibration baths are particularly suitable as a factory/working standard for the automatic testing and/or calibration of the widest range of temperature probes − independent of diameter. A special micro calibration bath design enables on-site applications.

What are the differences between dry well calibrators and calibration baths, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Dry well calibrators and calibration baths are both temperature calibrators. As their names imply, one uses a dry medium (air) for calibration, and the other uses a liquid medium.

Dry well calibrators, also called dry block calibrators, have an inse ...


In temperature calibration, what is a radial gradient?

A radial gradient is the temperature difference between the individual bores of an insert of a dry well calibrator (portable temperature calibrator).