Machine building and automation

Industrial instruments for machine building and smart factories

At the heart of industrial machinery are instruments that measure, regulate, and monitor pressure, temperature, force, fluid levels, and flow rates. For interconnected systems in today’s smart factories, reliable sensors and transmitters are crucial for managing and controlling the various components, and to do so safely and reliably. WIKA has decades of experience in the industrial machinery and automation markets. Our experts have worked closely with numerous companies in this sector, and such relationships have given us a deep understanding of machine building and its specific challenges.

Industrial Machinery and Automation
Industrial machines comprise the precision heavy equipment found in manufacturing facilities today. These machines include:

  • Fluid-power systems and components hydraulic power units, valves, manifolds, cylinders, motors, reservoirs, filters, cooling systems
  • Pumps and compressors — blowers, reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, air dryers, dehydrators, vacuum pumps, fracking pumps, mud pumps, pump skids
  • Machine tools — milling machines, grinding machines, lathes, presses, drilling machines, cutting machines, welding machines
  • Plastics machinery and components — plastic injection molding machines, extruders, mold tools, hot runners, temperature control units, granulators, filters, dryers
  • Test equipment and machines — test benches, engine test stands, test cells, dynamometers, environmental chambers, leak test machines, tensile strength machines, field test kits
  • Stationary cranes and lifting equipment — overhead cranes, straddle carriers, tower cranes, container cranes, harbor cranes, offshore cranes, conveyer systems
  • Specialized machinerywaterjet cutting machines, woodworking machines, textile machines, packaging machines, paper machines, food processing machines, tire manufacturing machines

With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), robotics and automated systems operate and oversee many of these industrial machines. By minimizing or removing human intervention, factories become safer and more efficient, while the finished products are more uniformly of a high quality.

Safety and reliability in machine building

Manufacturers of industrial machines can’t afford to cut corners on instrumentation, as machine downtime and high maintenance costs have a negative impact on brand reputation. High-quality sensors from WIKA improve the reliability and safety of industrial machines, and a secure supply chain means predictable delivery—every time.

  • Hydraulic power units: The A-10 pressure transmitter, PSD-4-ECO pressure switch with display, and 213.53 Bourdon tube pressure gauge enable fluid power companies to improve the functionality and dependability of their hydraulic power packs. Our range of other OEM instruments, from temperature sensors to level sensors, makes it easy for manufacturers to find all the measuring solutions they need from one supplier.
  • Pumps and compressors: For makers of pumps, compressors, and skids, WIKA offers a wide selection of robust instruments that withstand vibration, pulsation, high temperatures, and other harsh working conditions. Our affordable yet high-quality instruments include pressure gauges (111.10, 111.12, 213.53) and pressure transmitters (O-10, A-10, S-20), as well as OEM pressure switches, temperature sensors, and float switches.
  • Tire machinery: The tire curing process calls for robust instrumentation that can handle extreme fluctuations in pressure and temperature, and withstand a large number of dynamic cycles. For both product quality and plant safety, tire manufacturers around the world rely on WIKA’s S-20, one of the toughest pressure sensor in the market today. The MW diaphragm pressure switch provides extra protection by keeping the interlock system closed until a safe preset pressure is reached.
  • Wireless motor monitoring: Remote sensing is at the heart of smart factories. Thanks to WIKA’s investment in Phase IV Engineering, we are pleased to be able to offer a variety of modular, plug-and-play sensors for IIoT manufacturing. With compact Leap Sensors for wireless motor monitoring, manufacturers can avoid surprise failures and reduce downtime. Save time and money through the power of predictive maintenance.

WIKA USA, smart sensing solutions for industrial machines

The global leader in measuring instruments, WIKA offers a comprehensive portfolio of gauges, switches, transmitters, and wireless solutions for industrial machines, including those incorporated into automated systems. Many of our machine building products are designed for applications in hydraulics, pneumatics, pumps, compressors, welding, filtration, cooling, lubrication, and weighing systems. See above for system- and application-specific products, or contact our specialists for more information.