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Custom-Designed Industrial Temperature Measurement Solutions

Off-the-shelf temperature sensors are suitable for most industrial uses. However, some applications require a specific configuration or unique design that comes only from custom-made equipment.

Made-to-order temperature sensors and accessories
WIKA is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of high-quality measurement technology, both standard temperature sensors and specially engineered solutions. For the most challenging and complex applications, tailor-made products are the key to accurate and reliable measurement results.

Using site surveys and workshops, our in-house experts work closely with customers to come up with individually designed industrial temperature sensors, thermocouple assemblies, and thermowells. We then manufacture and test the products in our U.S. facilities, and deliver them directly to our clients’ location.

Whether the need is for temperature profiles in reactors or pipe temperature monitoring in furnaces and combustion chambers, WIKA USA has the expertise to design and produce the just-right custom devices for refineries and petrochemical plants. We also offer engineered temperature monitoring solutions for plastics manufacturing (e.g., LDPE), food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, power generation, and other industries.

Benefits of partnering with WIKA USA
With decades of experience and subsidiaries around the world, WIKA USA is uniquely positioned to offer our customers high-quality products, exceptional service, and on-time delivery. When you partner with WIKA, you receive:

  • Expert consulting and advisory
  • Cost-effective temperature measurement solutions engineered to your specific requirements
  • High-volume production in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • In-house testing and calibration, including industry certifications upon request
  • Commitment to your production schedule
  • Post-installation maintenance, repairs, and recalibration
  • One-stop supplier for not just temperature sensors, but also innovative products for measuring and monitoring pressure, level, force, and level.

Discover WIKA USA’s broad portfolio of industrial temperature measurement solutions that can be custom-engineered for your specific applications.

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