The right pressure sensor for the application

A pressure sensor, also called pressure transmitter or pressure transducer, measures pressure and converts that reading into an industry-standard signal. Sensors are optimized for various applications, such as refrigeration, HVAC, industrial gases, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, mobile machinery, power generation, and semiconductors. WIKA’s portfolio of high-quality pressure sensors and differential pressure transmitters covers these and other industries, with measuring ranges from 20 inWC to 217,500 psi, digital interfaces such as CANopen and IO-Link, multiple international approvals, and instruments for use in hazardous areas and hydrogen-powered vehicles.


What is the function of ventilation and air-conditioning measuring instruments?

Measuring instruments for ventilation and air-conditioning can indicate any excessive pressure loss due to dirty filters, enable the control of the correct operating state and prevent frost damage to the heat exchangers. In addition, they can be us ...