Digital pressure gauge

High-quality digital pressure gauges from WIKA

A digital pressure gauge displays the acting pressure in an integrated digital display. WIKA offers digital pressure gauges for general industrial applications and also for use in the field of testing and calibration. The indicator cases of our digital pressure gauges are rotatable for easy viewingif required and thus always ensure a good readability. In addition, and intrinsically safe versions and instruments with wireless interface versions are also available.


At what pressure could the pressure measuring instrument be destroyed?

Pressure values above the overpressure limit can lead to irreversible damage of the measuring instrument. It does not matter whether this pressure is present constantly or only for a short period of time. In either case, the complete destruction of ...


Can a 3-wire transmitter also work in a 2-wire configuration?

No. All three wires must be connected for a 3-wire transmitter to work properly.