Float switches

Float level switches for effortless level control

Float switches are highly effective at detecting point-based limit levels for one or more switch points. WIKA’s portfolio has a float switch for almost all liquid media and interfaces, regardless of foaming, conductivity, pressure, vacuum, temperature, vapors, condensation, boiling effects, turbulence, corrosion, or vibration. Because a float switch uses a free-moving magnet and potential-free reed contact, the switching operation requires no power supply and is not prone to wear and tear. WIKA manufactures vertical and horizontal float switches, mechanical float switches, bilge float switches, and more. Our level engineers can also custom-build solutions for your particular application.


How do float switches work, and what are the benefits of using them?

A float switch has a built-in magnetic system in which a magnet floats within a guide tube. As the magnet moves up or down along with the liquid level, it actuates contacts at preset switching heights. See this short video for more information on h ...