Repairing SF6 gas instruments

Immediate help needed? We’re here for you.

WIKA USA understands the importance of fully functioning SF6 gas density monitors, detection equipment, and handling units. In case of a product malfunction or failure, WEgrid Solutions – a wholly owned WIKA subsidiary – takes care of getting the instrument to our service center and then returning the repaired instrument back to you. In certain cases, such as for heavy or bulky equipment, a technician might make an onsite service call.


With our advanced engineering and product design, your SF6 equipment is built to last. Nevertheless, like all measuring and gas handling instruments, maintenance and occasional repairs are necessary. If it is too difficult to ship the instrument, or if we cannot send someone to your location, WEgrid Guided Solution is available. With this option, you carry out the necessary service on your SF6 gas equipment while a WEgrid technician talks you through the process remotely and in real-time.

Post-repair calibration

As a trusted partner for power transmission and distribution companies around the world, we see it as our duty to offer system calibration that meets the highest demands for accuracy of SF6 gas instruments. Therefore, following every repair, we recalibrate the equipment and provide owners a valid factory certificate for the recalibration. This way, you have peace of mind and can also provide third parties with proof of accuracy.

Questions and concerns

WEgrid Solutions and WIKA USA welcome your feedback. For repairs, recalibrations, and comments about our products and services, contact us using the form below.