Field service for temperature applications

Supervision, installation, welding work, troubleshooting, repair, analysis & inspection

Our qualified personnel support you with the on-site installation and commissioning of your instrumentation, as well as being a competent and available service partner. We are the right contact for both new projects and maintenance measures at shutdowns, as well as in the event of an unplanned interruption. Our practically experienced service team ensures that your processes can be operated safely and efficiently and thus meet the demands on you. Through our local experts, we can be reached worldwide, are quickly available and tuned to individual circumstances.

Your benefits

  • Short downtimes
  • Fast commissioning
  • Ensuring process safety
  • Extended warranty possible
  • Compliance with local safety instructions
  • Environmentally conscious handling

Decades of expertise

With Gayesco, we have 30 years of expertise in installations to rely on. We employ methods tried and trusted across the industry to meet our customers' and licensors' expectations and to develop the ideal solution for all types of unit installations. Based on this knowledge, we can provide reliable and efficient services.

Key points

  • 1958: Founding of Gayesco (Gay Engineering Services & Company)
  • 1988: Expansion of Gayesco's portfolio with regard to field service (launch of the first Gayesco Flex-R system)
  • 2012: Gayesco becomes part of the WIKA Group
  • Since 2019: Expansion of services offered in Europe

Installation services worldwide

With our local service centres and experienced teams WIKA offers services according to local requirements.

For more information as well as contact details please visit the local website for your country.

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