Special force transducers

Special force transducers from WIKA: a success factor of experience

We refer to force transducers that do not fit into any standard design as special force transducers. Due to the specification of the requirement, in some cases design-engineered solutions must be considered. As a long-standing manufacturer of force measurement technology, WIKA brings this expertise into play and can find the best and, at the same time, most economical solution for the customer. Among our special force transducers are, for example, force sensors for determining the weight of containers (twistlock sensors) or for testing rope tension (wire rope force transducers). The applications in which special force transducers are used are wide-ranging and always require great experience in their engineering. You can count on this when you trust in the right solution from WIKA

How does a temperature change of 10 K affect the characteristic value?

A change in the ambient temperature, Ti, by 10 K within a defined temperature range, after setting stationary, gradient-free conditions, causes a relative change in the characteristic value of the force transducer.