Repairing and Reconditioning Temperature Measuring Instruments

WIKA is at your side in the event of an instrument failure. We will fix your nonfunctioning dial thermometer, resistance thermometer (RTD), thermocouples, or temperature transmitters, and send back the repaired instrument along with a full service report.

Benefits of using WIKA’s repair service

  • Qualified technicians with extensive product knowledge
  • Use of original parts for WIKA instruments
  • Repairs of instruments from other manufacturers
  • Cost estimate after reviewing the faulty measuring instrument
  • Detailed report following each repair service
  • Transport packaging (optional)

Our range of repair services for temperature measuring instruments

We repair temperature measuring instruments for the application area of calibration technology:

  • Calibration baths
  • Dry-well calibrators
  • Resistance thermometry bridges
  • Hand-held calibration instruments

Our scope of repair services

More than simply repairing or reconditioning temperature measuring instruments, WIKA technicians also provides the following additional services:

  • Consultations and technical support by phone
  • Comprehensive inspection of the temperature instruments
  • Advice regarding retrofits and upgrades
  • Customized modifications and conversions
  • Software updates
  • Replacing worn parts and nonfunctioning components
  • Calibration following repairs (optional)

Process for maintenance & repair


Temperature sensor repair services in the US

WIKA has repair service centers around the globe, including one in the US. For more information, contact WIKA USA using the form below.

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