1967 – WIKA Instrument, LP opens in Long Island, New York

1990 – WIKA moves to Lawrenceville, GA

1996 – The Lawrenceville location expands

2001 – WIKA adopted LeanSigma® to identify and eliminate waste throughout its operation. Because Lean manufacturing only retains those activities that transform materials and information into the products and services that customers need, WIKA can manufacture more than 50,000 different product configurations with lead times of only a few days.

2006 – RJ Global joins the WIKA Group

2008 – tecsis, LP joins the WIKA Group

2009 – Mensor, LP joins the WIKA Group

2010 – 3D Instruments, LP joins the WIKA Group

2012 – Gayesco joins the WIKA Group

2014 – FTI Industries, LP joins the WIKA Group

2015 – WIKA Group builds a Houston and Pasadena location in Texas

2017 – Hirschmann Mobile Machine Control Solutions (MCS) joins the WIKA Group, becoming WIKA Mobile Control

2018 – RJ Global moves production to Pasadena, Texas and 3D Instruments, LP moves production to Lawrenceville, Georgia

2019 – WIKA Group R&D Center is built in Pasadena, Texas

2020 – Phase IV joins the WIKA Group

2021 – tecsis, LP becomes WIKA Sensor Technology

2022 – WIKA Sensor Technology opens a new building in Columbus, Ohio

2023 – The new WIKA claim “Smart in sensing” replaces “Part of your business”