High-performance temperature sensors for the most demanding environments

Thermocouples are particularly suited for high-temperature applications found in the chemical, petrochemical, and refinery industries. Their advantages are many, including a fast response time (thanks to a small diameter) and lower cost. And with conductor cables encased inside a mineral-insulated sheath, thermocouples perform reliably in processes with high pressure and vibration. Thermowells provide additional protection against corrosive process media and extreme operating conditions. WIKA offers a comprehensive portfolio of thermocouples with multiple temperature ranges, connection heads, output signals, and safety certifications.

When talking about explosion protection, what do the zones mean?

"Zones refer to the likelihood that a flammable substance is present in an explosive (Ex) atmosphere. The lower the number, the more prolonged the hazard. European and ATEX classifications use zones, while class and division are the preferred t ...