Hand-helds for applications in the widest range of industries

Hand-helds are portable calibration instruments for mobile use for the accurate measurement and recording of temperature profiles. For the instruments there are various designs of thermometers available. Through this, hand-helds are particularly suitable as test instruments for a large variety of applications in the widest range of industries. Data recorded in the hand-held can be evaluated via PC software. Some instruments document calibrations in the internal memory, which can later be read on a PC. Optionally, a calibration certificate can be generated with our calibration software WIKA-CAL.

How to find the ASL products under WIKA?

New product designations for the ASLproduct portfolio:

The company ASL, a leading manufacturer of AC resistance bridges and high-accuracy hand-held thermometers, has been part of the WIKA Group since January 2013.

With this acquisition the product ra ...


What is a SMART probe?

A SMART probe is a precision RTD with an electronic memory in its coupler connector. This memory chip permanently stores the coefficients of the calibrated sensor and its complete history, such as calibration dates and the maximum and minimum value ...