Digitalisation SF6: IIoT solutions for switchgear

Industrial IoT solutions for switchgear

WEgrid Solutions is committed to perfect the protection of people, machinery and the environment in the power transmission industry. A significant step in this mission is the digitalisation of switchgear monitoring. Whether medium or high voltage, SF6 or air insulated, we support operators in their digital transformation. We offer intelligent overall solutions to our customers. Over 40 years of experience in the energy industry and an innovation-driven expert team are our tools for this turnkey concept.

Online monitoring of the insulating gas, partial discharge and conductor temperature in your switchgear is the core of WEgrid Asset Protection. Our highly modern sensors constantly communicate with a data centre which analyses the transmitted values and alerts you if a critical threshold is crossed. Our intelligent system gets to know your plant. With the aid of specially developed algorithms, trends are then calculated from the measured data. This enables you to take a look into the future and shift from a reactive to a proactive maintenance strategy.


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Turnkey solutions - suitable for your application

Whether a complete digital monitoring system - from sensor to cloud dashboard, or suitable system modules for local integration: WIKA plans, produces, delivers and installs the solution that is right for you. All our solutions are modular and customised for you.