Comprehensive SF6 Consulting


New territory? Your competent contact partner for SF6

With decades of experience in the field of SF6 and alterative gases, WEgrid Solutions is a trusted business partner for electrical plants and manufacturers of gas-insulated equipment worldwide. We take a full-lifecycle approach to the handling and management of SF6 and alterative gases. As such, our experts are happy to offer consulting on all aspects of working with insulating gases, from development/production to maintenance/service to condition monitoring.

Consultation on SF6 products

WIKA offers a comprehensive portfolio of SF6 gas equipment. With so many products to choose from, you might be unsure of what your application really needs. Your relationship with WEgrid Solutions begins with an initial consulting, which can be done via email, phone, or video conference. We begin with an overview of various alternative gases and gas mixtures, then do a deeper dive into your particular situation:

  • Whether and how a new alternative gas can be used in your equipment, taking into account ambient conditions, material compatibility, analysis, and possible decomposition products.
  • How you should handle the gases in the development area (pressure, temperature, liquefaction point).
  • What equipment you will need for the production of gas mixtures in accordance with standards like DIN EN ISO 6142-1.

Consultation on digitalization and gas density monitoring

The three core aspects of gas density monitoring are reliability, quality, and data security. Thanks to technological advances and greater connectivity, users of insulating gases are now able to monitor their gas-filled equipment and facility using digital solutions. This 24/7 real-time virtual monitoring can detect even the smallest changes in gas density with high accuracy.

We would be happy to advise you on the products and services that suit your needs and stay within your budget. Our solutions range from mechanical and hybrid gas density monitoring to complete digital systems.

The marketplace offers several products for digital gas density monitoring, but not every system has been designed by technology specialists in this field. As part of our consulting service, we evaluate your existing gas density monitoring system so that you can compare its current costs to the optimized savings potential of adopting WIKA’s solution. But even if you do not make the switch, you can still optimize your existing system to compensate for seasonal changes in ambient temperatures.

Consultation on service equipment for gas analysis and gas dehydration

Service equipment for insulating gases increase the safety and efficiency of a gas-filled electrical plant by:

  • Determining the plant’s current condition in detail
  • Mitigating the effects of the plant’s natural aging process
  • Optimize performance, such as by drying the gas while the gas-insulated equipment is still online

Our consultants are happy to give you an overview of the various solutions we offer in the area of service equipment for gas analysis and gas dehydration. Working closely with you, we will also analyze the cost effectiveness of maintaining service equipment. If you like what you see, we are happy to arrange an onsite product demonstration.

Hazard assessments and process audits in handling SF6 gas or alternative gases

A major consideration for every production plant, regardless of its size or location, is EHS: environment, health, and safety. To help your facility optimize compliance with EHS regulations, WEgrid Solutions offers these two options:

  • Onsite hazard assessments with subsequent protocol and documentation of the hazardous situation
  • Process audits in handling SF6 gas or alternative gases in accordance with current standards and work guidelines, as well as assessment of the process in accordance with EHS guidelines.

Comprehensive SF6 consulting in the US

Through WEgrid Solutions, WIKA USA offers a suite of consulting services to help your production facility operate as safely and efficiently as possible. For more information, contact us using the form below.