Repair and reconditioning for force measuring instruments

Repairs to measuring instruments are a core service of the WIKA service centre. Our qualified service technicians will support you in solving problems and ensure that your measuring instrument is fully functional again in a short space of time.

Your benefits

  • Qualified service technicians with extensive product knowledge
  • Use of original parts for WIKA instruments
  • Cost estimate after receipt of the measuring instrument
  • Detailed service report following each repair carried out
  • Repair of instruments from other manufacturers
  • Repair of force measuring instruments directly on-site
  • Optional: Transport packaging

Our range of services

We repair high-quality force measuring instruments from all of our fields of application:

  • Compression force transducers
  • Tension/compression force transducers
  • Bending/shear beams
  • Load cells
  • Load pins
  • Ring force transducers
  • Tension links
  • Special force transducers
  • Displays/electronics
  • Overload systems
  • Inclination sensors
  • Strain transducers

Our scope of services

  • Competent consulting and technical support by telephone
  • Comprehensive function inspection of the measuring instruments
  • Upgrade of measuring instruments and retrofitting of options
  • Customised modifications and conversions
  • Update of software
  • Replacement of defective components (e.g. wear parts)
  • Calibration following repair (optional)


Calibration service worldwide

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