CPT9000 Premium Pressure Transducer - A Breakthrough in Accuracy and Stability

San Marcos, Texas, March 2018

Mensor Sensors launched the new CPT9000 Premium Pressure Transducer, a breakthrough in pressure sensing technology with an accuracy of 0.008% IS-33 (0.008% percent of reading down to 33% of full scale), ranges from 10 in. H2O to 15,000 psi, and a one year calibration stability. The CPT9000 Premium Pressure Transducer is designed to excel in performance and value. Advancements in pressure sensor technology, characterization and miniaturization are heavily leveraged to fulfill the needs of a demanding market.

This new transducer is suited for applications where a high accuracy, high stability pressure sensor is needed. Examples are: flow calibrators, humidity calibrators, pressure controllers, aerospace wind tunnel calibration, automotive sensor testing, hydrology, oceanography, in the aviation and space industries in general, or wherever high accuracy pressure measurement and longterm calibration stability are valued.

Communication is achieved vis RS-232 or multi-drop capable RS-485. The 316L SS construction and wetted parts are an asset when utilizing in corrosive or wet environments.

Use the CPT9000 in critical applications where ultimate accuracy is required.

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