New Options Improve Gauge Visibility in Facilities

Introducing Reflective and Glow-in-the-dark Dial Faces, as well as Anti-Glare and Magnifying Window Options

ATLANTA (February 2015) – In an effort to improve safety and productivity, WIKA Instrument, LP (WIKA) has introduced two dial face options that make it easier for users to obtain vital instrument readings even in low-light situations.

“Misreading a pressure gauge or a thermometer because it is in a low-light environment could lead to unplanned downtime or safety hazards,” said WIKA Product Manager Hardy Orzikowski.

WIKA offers the following options, both with easy-to-read, large numerals:


The InSight option includes a highly reflective material affixed to a gauge dial face. The material’s reflective property allows it to redirect available light to intensify the brightness of the dial display, helping users get accurate readings in limited lighting. This easy-to-view option is available in three colors (white, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent orange), in sizes 2 ½” to 6” for industrial and process type gauges (SS wetted parts), and on bimetal thermometers for both dry and liquid filled.

InSight Glow™

The Glow option makes use of a reflective, photo luminescent material. When charged by normal lighting (or even a flashlight), the entire front of the instrument dial illuminates, in darkness, fog, smoke, and fire. This advanced technology enables a dial to glow for an extended amount of time after only 10 seconds of light exposure. The InSight Glow is also available on industrial and process type gauges (SS wetted parts) and bimetal thermometers for both dry and liquid-filled case options, in sizes from 2 ½” to 6” in diameter. InSight Glow also meets the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for bright white visibility in a power outage.

WIKA has also developed additional options to enhance the readability of a dial face. Customers can select a magnifying window to make it possible for workers to read instruments from a distance. Also available is an anti-glare window that eliminates unwanted reflection of light from the sun or strong, internal lighting.

For more information, visit WIKA online at http://www.wika.us/wika_insight_en_us.WIKA

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