Hygienic diaphragm seal system with IO-Link and switch function

For sterile processes in intelligent plant systems, WIKA has developed a new diaphragm seal system with IO-Link. The model DSSA11SA is also available with a switch function and on-site status indication.

The 3-A and EHEDG-approved diaphragm seal system is extremely compact and therefore fits into almost any installation environment. It is adapted via a TriClamp® connection. Its hygienic design meets the requirements of CIP and SIP processes.

The IO-Link version of the DSSA11SA also enables integration into digitalised structures and also remote configuration of the instrument. It also has a diagnostic function that gives the user a permanent overview of the instrument status, which makes maintenance easier. A 360° LED indication with traffic-light colours also provides quick status information on site.

The new measuring system can be used either for continuous pressure monitoring or as a PNP/NPN switch for process control. Switching points can be set at the factory or at the measuring location via IO-Link or the teach function.

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