“Smart in sensing”: New claim underlines WIKA's Strategy

Lawrenceville, May 2023 - WIKA Group is stepping into the future with a new mission. The announcement was made public for the first time at the Hannover Messe in Germany.

With the motto "Smart in sensing," WIKA Group emphasizes its corporate strategy for the upcoming years. This strategy takes into account the significant challenges posed by the trends of digitalization, decarbonization, and demographic change across various industries. However, it also recognizes the tremendous growth potential presented by interconnected systems and processes, the expansion of renewable energies, sustainable mobility solutions, and ensuring a reliable supply of food and medicine.

Through its commitment, WIKA Group supports its customers with cutting-edge and intelligent sensing technology. According to CEO Alexander Wiegand, "Sensors are the fundamental elements of digitalization." The motto "Smart in sensing" not only showcases the company's technological expertise but also highlights the innovative strength of this global leader in measurement technology. WIKA USA perceives the future global market demands with utmost precision and develops groundbreaking products, solutions, and services that contribute to the success of its customers.

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WIKA USA press release 05/2023

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