WIKA Sensor Technology Looks to the Future

Lawrenceville, GA – WIKA USA announces the creation of a new company, WIKA Sensor Technology, formerly tecsis, LP.

WIKA USA’s relentless focus on future technologies and opportunities has prompted many changes in the organization over the years. WIKA works every day to develop new technologies and work with like-minded companies through acquisitions and partnerships.

tecsis, LP is one of those partners, and was fully integrated into the global WIKA Group of companies as of January 1, 2018. Over the course of its lifetime, tecsis developed into a reliable global manufacturer of measurement technology. The solutions tecsis is known for range from custom load cell systems for hospital beds to the off-the-shelf force measurement portfolio.

As of 2021, WIKA has updated tecsis, LP’s name to reflect the focus on providing integrated, forward-looking measurement solutions. WIKA Sensor Technology, LP will serve as WIKA USA’s hub for integrated measurement solutions with a focus on force, pressure, and supplementing IIoT technologies. This new brand will primarily serve our industrial markets around machine building/automation, custom machine solutions, OEM off-highway (mobile working machines), and expand our expertise in serving aerospace and space applications.

To learn more, please visit WIKA Sensor Technology here, or email [email protected].

About WIKA

For 75 years, WIKA has continuously advanced instrumentation for pressure, temperature, level, and flow measurement. Leveraging decades of experience, we developed a broad selection of stock and custom instrumentation as well as engineering services to support plant safety, productivity, and profitability. A global leader in lean manufacturing, WIKA has manufacturing locations around the globe, which enables flexibility and the ability to meet high delivery demands. www.wika.us.

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