WIKA USA Modifies Design for Select Models of Stainless Steel Gauges

WIKA USA adjusts design to match global WIKA Standard

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – January 7, 2019 -- As a part of WIKA’s ongoing efforts to globally standardize our products, we are making a minor adjustment to the design of several of our stainless steel gauges. This change will take place as stock is depleted over the next six months. New versions of the affected models may be shipped out as early as January of 2019.

With the new design, the plastic dial adapter will be obsoleted and dials will be assembled with two screws to new movement. This design change will affect all 23x.5x 2.5” models and the 131.11 2.5” model.

This design adjustment will not have any effect on fit, form, function, or product lead times.

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