WIKA USA Adjusts Level Product Line to Align with Global Product Names

September 4, 2019

Lawrenceville, GA – Level product line form, fit, and function remains the same.

WIKA USA has made a couple of minor adjustments to our level product line, in an effort to better align with the WIKA Group on a global level. These changes solely affect product names. Form, fit, and function will continue as is and will offer the same quality level our customers are accustomed to.

The “WIKA Magnetic Indicator,” or WMI product line is being renamed to align with the “BNA” global model name. WIKA USA quotes are already being generated using this new product name, and nothing needs to be done on the part of our customers to adjust to this change.

Additionally, our level chamber offering is changing from the “WIKA Level Chamber,” or WLC name to the global BZG name. Once again, WIKA USA quotes are already being generated using this name, and customers need not make any changes to accommodate this name change.

More information on Model BNA can be found here, while additional information on the BZG is here.

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