WIKA Group Streamlines Mechanical Temperature Portfolio

October 8, 2020

Lawrenceville, GA – New TG51 Industrial Bimetal Thermometer Offers Benefits of Manufacturing Standardization

In the past, WIKA USA produced two industrial grade thermometers, the TI.33/53 and TI.34/54. These models are being replaced, effective immediately, with the new TG51. This update will streamline the WIKA Group’s global product manufacturing, while maintaining the same fit, form, and function you are accustomed to.

The TG51will be offered with both back and low mounts, and will be simple for you to order via the WIKA Customer Portal.

The TG51 industrial bimetal thermometer delivers the accustomed quality temperature measurement, with the added benefit of global manufacturing standardization. Standardizing WIKA products on a global level assists in streamlining operations, decreases cost, and reduces lead time. To learn more about this new product, please visit the TG51 product page.

About WIKA

For 73 years, WIKA has continuously advanced instrumentation for pressure, temperature, level, and flow measurement. Leveraging decades of experience, we developed a broad selection of stock and custom instrumentation as well as engineering services to support plant safety, productivity, and profitability. A global leader in lean manufacturing, WIKA has manufacturing locations around the globe, which enables flexibility and the ability to meet high delivery demands. www.wika.us

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