Revolutionary New Tubeskin Measurement

January 25, 2021

Lawrenceville, GA -- Inaccurate temperature measurements can cost the process industry significant time and money. WIKA’s engineers have the solution.

WIKA engineers have designed a revolutionary system that more accurately measures furnace tubeskin temperature. Backed by rigorous testing at the WIKA R&D Center in Houston,Texas, the new TEFRACTO-PAD® (TC59-T) will allow users to meet production targets while protecting theirfurnace and maintaining tube integrity.The TEFRACTO?PAD® model TC59-T is the first new product developed using the real-world testing conditions provided by WIKA Houston’s R&D Center.

The product provides proven accuracy and ease of installation because our engineers took into account customer applications, needs, and requirements throughout the development process. A proprietary moldable shield is placed over the weld-pad and sheathed cable. This shield and insulation is a key component of the TEFRACTO-PAD®, providing accurate temperature monitoring that is backed with research and testing from our state-of-the art R&D center.

The TEFRACTO-PAD® is designed as two primary components (shield and pad) that have been combined to provide a simple one-step installation process. With a major reduction in installation time and proven accuracy over a range of process conditions, this product is designed to be the engineered solution for your furnace application.

About WIKA

For 75 years, WIKA has continuously advanced instrumentation for pressure, temperature, level, and flow measurement. Leveraging decades of experience, we developed a broad selection of stock and custom instrumentation as well as engineering services to support plant safety, productivity, and profitability. A global leader in lean manufacturing, WIKA has manufacturing locations around the globe, which enables flexibility and the ability to meet high delivery demands.


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