Aerospace Sensors

The aviation and space industries rely on sophisticated sensors for systems control, monitoring, and safety. But not any instrument will do. The force sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors used in aerospace applications must be able to operate accurately and reliably in very challenging conditions:

  • Extreme temperature shifts
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Heavy vibration

In addition to heavy-duty construction, measuring instrumentation for this industry often needs to be compact and lightweight in order to fit in tight spaces and reduce fuel demands.

Force, pressure, and temperature sensors for aerospace applications

WIKA Sensor Technology produces high-tech force sensors at our 20,000 sq ft facility in Columbus, Ohio. The plant is certified to AS9100D, which means that our Quality Management System meets all the strict international standards for designing and manufacturing products for the aircraft, space, and defense (AS&D) industry. And in partnership with Phase IV, an engineering firm based in Boulder, Colo., WIKA builds IIoT (industrial internet of things) sensing systems for several customers that supply critical components for aerospace manufacturers. We also have decades of experience in developing innovative pressure instruments, including for aerospace applications.

A few examples of WIKA leadership in force, pressure, and temperature solutions for our customers in the aerospace industry:

WIKA USA, your partner for standard or custom aerospace sensors

At WIKA, we pride ourselves on listening to customers and offering high-quality products that help their systems operate more safely and efficiently. Our R&D and manufacturing abilities range from engineering custom force solutions to large production runs of OEM pressure sensors. And this level of collaboration doesn’t end once the instruments leave our facilities; we offer comprehensive customer support, including strain gauge services, maintenance/repair, and calibration.

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