Process connections


The process connection forms the interface between the actual process flow in pipelines, tanks, reactors or machines and the external components, for example measuring instruments or measuring arrangements including valves or thermowells. Whether a connection is “detachable again” (e.g. with a threaded connection) or “permanently non-detachable” (e.g. with a welded joint) depends on the application conditions.

For the connection to be leak-tight, it must be ensured that, in the case of fugitive emissions, the required maximum leakage rates (in accordance with ISO 15848-1 and TA Luft (VDI 2440)) of the respective measurement solution are observed.

Which process connections can be implemented by WIKA to minimise fugitive emissions?

WIKA can implement a large variety of process connections for its customers:

  • with conventional flange connections in accordance with all standards as well as specific hub connections in a clamp or high-integrity version
  • with compression fittings (single & double)
  • with threaded connections (thread fitting, cone/thread fitting)
  • with welded connection (WIKA is certified by an independent authority in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2)
  • with brazed connection

Because of this breadth, WIKA is able to design tailor-made connections to minimise fugitive emissions in cooperation with the customer. The following applies to each version:

  • The defined leak tightness is verifiably guaranteed during initial assembly.
  • It also remains permanent, even with 24/7 system operation.
  • The leak tightness can be restored, as required, after maintenance or replacement of the measuring system.