We appreciate individuality of our customers and their wishes. That is why we offer flexible models of our concept and we will be glad to advise you about possible module combinations. WEgrid Solutions is committed to perfect the protection of people, machinery and the environment in the power transmission industry. A significant step in this mission is digitalisation of gas monitoring.

The solution has a name - WEgrid Asset Protection

We offer our customers intelligent overall solutions. Over 40 years of experience in the SF6 gas industry and an innovation-driven and expert team are the basis for this turnkey concept. Online monitoring of the insulating gas in your SF6-filled plant is the core of WEgrid Asset Protection. Our highly modern sensors constantly communicate with a data centre which analyses the transmitted values and alarms you as soon as leaks occur or humidity in the insulating gas increases. Of course, you can call these values yourself at any time. In addition, our intelligent system gets to know your plant. With the aid of specially developed algorithm, trends are then calculated from the measured data. This enables you to take a look into the future according to the motto: “Act rather than react.” For you, this results in a transition from time-based or event-based to condition-based maintenance.

Products for successful digitalisation

With over 300,000 installed instruments, our digital sensors are the foundation of WEgrid Asset Protection. They measure, reliably and continuously, the most important gas parameters of pressure, temperature, density and moisture. Thanks to WIKA's extensive portfolio of adapters, these transmitters can be used almost anywhere and are also suitable for retrofitting.

Predictive maintenance

Our own data analysis algorithm analyses the measured gas parameters continuously for exceptional deviations. Based on these data, the algorithm periodically calculates a forecast and projects the data into the future. This puts you in a position to detect problems at an early stage and to solve them proactively. Unplanned failures are thus reduced and your costs as an operator are lowered.

Data transfer

Measured values, with the assistance of the most common industrial protocols, such as IEC61850, IEC60870-5-104, Modbus TCP or DNP3, are transmitted direct into your SCADA or ERP system and there processed. We offer the highest flexibility with the choice of transmission protocols and will find the individual solution with you.

Alarm and service messages

If gas density decreases or moisture content increases, rapid and predictive action can be the key. Our online monitoring system therefore informs you immediately when limit values are exceeded and, if necessary, notifies you directly via your mobile device. This enables you to react immediately to critical situations and ensure a safe operating condition.

Certified data warehouse

Our digital sensors measure the condition of your SF6 gas at short intervals. The measured values are encrypted and can be transmitted - in accordance with global, industrial and regional standards - to our certified data centre, where they can be stored securely.

Engineering and installation

We are a reliable long-term partner for you. We will take care of the planning and implementation of your digitalisation project and always be ready to advise you. The WEgrid Asset Protection team carries out the commissioning of WIKA products as well as complete systems on site with you and provides you with appropriate services afterwards.