Repair service SF6

Immediate help needed? We’re here for you

If you need us, we will be at your side quickly or reactive for you. We take care of the organisation and expediting of the return transport for your equipment or even a possible service call to site. It doesn't matter which continent, we have local contact people who are always at your disposal.


With our engineers and product design, your machine availability is always their focus. Nevertheless, at one point or another, minor maintenance or repair is necessary. Depending on the size of the instrument, the repair may have to be carried out by a service technician at your site. We offer WEgrid Guided Solution as an alternative. With this variant, you carry out the service on your instrument accompanied by a WIKA service technician. Help us to find the best solution for you and contact us through your local WIKA contact person.


As a manufacturer of measuring instruments, we see it as our duty to offer system calibration globally for our customers in order to meet the highest demands on the accuracy of the measuring system. With this service we will, of course, always provide you with a valid factory certificate for the calibration. In this way you can also provide third parties with proof of the accuracy of the respective measuring instrument. Please contact your local contact person for the calibration of our SF6 and alternative gas measuring instruments, so that they can put you in touch with the appropriate calibration laboratory in your area. Your local WIKA contact will take full care of the calibration procedure once the instrument has arrived at their premises.


Each complaint is a second chance to make us better. Contact us or your local WIKA contact person. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.