WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

Established in India in the year 1997 in Pune, Maharashtra, WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. has been a strong player in the Indian market. Ever since its inception, the brand has been well-known in the Indian market for its wide range of pressure, temperature, flow, level as well as several other products catering to different segments and industries.

Gradually expanding its presence in the Indian market, WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. acquired SwitzerTM and Indfos in 2014 that were present in the Indian market for over 40 years, collaborating with them to form WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. in Ghaziabad and Chennai. From world-class variety to high repeatability models, our entire product range comes with a variety of features and specifications that are well-suited for any kind of applications. All critical parts are now manufactured in-house at our facilities in Chennai and Ghaziabad. This helps us to make sure that the products we deliver to our customers meet the stringent quality standards and requirements.


Pressure switches are provided with different sensing elements which are bellows, diaphragm and diaphragm sealed piston to suit various pressure ranges from -1000 mmWC to 700 bar. The instruments are provided with repeatability ranging from 0.5 to 2 % and switch on-off differential setting as fixed or wideband based on the applications. Different kind of sensing element material like phosphor bronze, stainless steel, hastelloy and monel are available to be used with general purpose or aggressive media. Differential pressure gauges with various configurations are available to meet different applications. Different sensing elements are used to provide ranges from 250 mmWC to 25 bar with maximum static presure of 60 bar. Optional 1 or 2 switch output facility is provided with microswitches or hermetically sealed reed switches. Electronic pressure and differential pressure indicating switches with transmitter output are offered with stainless steel piezo-resistive sensors. These are versatile instruments which contain 2 or 4 on-off control switch outputs, 4 to 20 mA current output, digital LCD to display pressure values with units and several other user friendly features combined together.


Temperature switches are offered with gas or vapour filled with both rigid stem or through flexible capillary system until 15 metres suitable for remote sensing of temperatures. Varied ranges from -50 to 300 °C and with repeatability of 0.5 to 1 % are offered which meets most of all process and OEM temperature measurements. Temperature sensing bulbs are provided as stainless steel or copper to suit any media.


Flow switches and indicators are produced in a state-of-the-art production facility with line sizes from 8 to 300 mm and with flow rate of 7000 LPM with water as media. This enables us to offer flow products from an accuracy of +/-1% to +/-3% and any kind of customized solutions based on customer needs with even special accessories. Flow products for oil flow applications are also produced with this facility for different oil viscosities.

All switch products uses reliable microswitches or contact elements with various ratings as low as 0.1A to 15A at 24V or 230V AC/DC. Some of the models are provided with tamper proof mechanism to ensure the switch setpoints are not disturbed by unauthorised users. Products are housed in aluminium enclosures which are compliant to weatherproof and explosion proof requirements. For critical environment sensitive applications, stainless steel housing are provided to suit weatherproof applications.

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