Service for diaphragm seal systems

Replacement, repair & optimisation

WIKA offers you a profitable service both for its own diaphragm seal systems and also for those from other recognised manufacturers.

Diaphragm seal systems are used for demanding measuring requirements with extreme medium temperatures of -90 °C up to +400 °C in the process industry. The diaphragm seal assemblies protect the measuring instrument from aggressive, corrosive, heterogeneous, abrasive, highly viscous or toxic media.

With this service, the total costs of the diaphragm seal system can be clearly lowered. In this way, the service life of the measuring instrument can be fully utilised and only the diaphragm seal assembly needs replacement or repair, preventatively or after failure. With preventive maintenance, scheduled in line with planned shutdowns to your plant, you can reduce downtimes.

Service can be done both on a mounted process transmitter as well as on a mechanical measuring instrument. Depending on the application case, the service life of the process transmitter is longer than that of the wetted parts. Therefore, only in rare cases must defective diaphragm seal systems be replaced completely, i.e. including the process transmitter. By re-using the process transmitter, WIKA offers a service package with clear cost savings.

With the replacement service, through the exchange of the diaphragm seal, the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the measuring location can be reduced considerably.

Your benefits

  • Cost saving
  • Fast availability by saving time
  • Functional test of a process transmitter
  • Current material test certificate
  • New calibration of the entire system

Service centre

WIKA has strengthened the service by merging with the T-S-T Trennmembran-System-Technik GmbH that has been offering this service successfully for many years. T-S-T, for nearly 30 years, has been a specialist in the individual manufacture of diaphragm seal systems in various fields of application. The portfolio comprises both the new manufacture of diaphragm seal systems as well as repairs.

WIKA INDIA also for standard Transmitters with seal assly. Any Transmitter make such as Emerson, Yokogawa, ABB, Siemens etc. from last two years we are catering to Perochemical, Oil & Gas , Fertilizers industry. We can do standard Pressure & also Partial Vacuum service. With state of art technology for filling Oil of different process requirements and special applications such as Chlorine & Hydrogen.

Key points of the T-S-T GmbH

  • 1989: Foundation of the company headquartered in Mainhausen
  • 1993: Relocation to Alzenau
  • 1994: Several expansions in the following years
  • 2003: Start of their own diaphragm seal manufacture
  • 2009: Relocation to their current 700 square-metre manufacturing site in Alzenau
  • Since June 2017: Part of the WIKA Group

Calibration service worldwide

Our worldwide calibration service offers at a glance:

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