Oil and gas extraction

Foster safety

In oil and gas extraction, high working pressures meet aggressive, sometimes explosive, environments. Here, too, certified WIKA pressure switches and other components ensure safety.

Naturally, the hazard potential in high-pressure oil and gas extraction is enormous. Well control panels play an important role here to effectively prevent accidents in high-risk extraction and also in offshore platforms.

Unintentional emissions are also an accident

Likewise, it is important to prevent hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere or the environment. Pressure switches are used in control panels to monitor the pressure in the line and in the valve. The pressure switch serves as an alarm in the event of pressure spikes or leakages. In these cases, the switch shuts down the process.

The WIKA switches withstand aggressive environments with high working pressures (system pressure can be up to 1,000 bar). Our customers also rely on our process instrumentation in hazardous areas because the safety systems are so fundamentally important in having the process under control.