Mobile calibration service

Tune your process instruments to perfection

The WIKA Mobile Calibration Service saves time, and, with that, also money. Time-critical instruments, such as those in an industrial facility, can be calibrated with a mobile service with minimal downtime, resulting in precise and dependable indication in a short time.

Which measuring ranges and capabilites do we offer?

  • Pressure: - 1 to 4.000 bar / up to 0.015 % Rdg
  • Temperature: -39 to 1.200 °C / up to 0.15 °C
  • Electrical:
    10 µV to 1.000V DC, 10 µV to 750V AC
    10µA to 10A AC/DC, 0.1 Ω to 100MΩ
    1 Hz to 300 KHz, 0.22nf to 100 µf / up to 0.002 % Rdg

Have a look at our general services - We also calibrate and repair your measuring instruments in our accredited calibration laboratories.

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Create harmony with consistent calibration

Create harmony with consistent calibration

Instruments can cause critical failures, safety hazards, production delays, defects, and recalls if they aren’t tuned properly. Even if one instrument performs poorly, it has an impact on the rest of the orchestra and, eventually, the masterpiece produced.

What we offer

- Minimal process downtime
- No freight costs
- Possible during shotdown
- No transport risks
- Trained personell at your door