Hydrogen applications have been established in the process industry for decades, with demand primarily being driven by refineries and methanol & ammonia production. Conventional hydrogen production typically uses natural gas or coal as feedstock. It is expected, in the future, that hydrogen will have to play an important role in decarbonising the world’s economy - if produced from renewable energy sources e.g. solar and wind energy. Hydrogen processing, production, distribution and storage exposes the equipment used to extreme conditions, with temperatures as low as -253 °C, pressures of 700 bar and beyond and hydrogen migration-related impacts on metals and materials.

WIKA has long been a partner to the hydrogen industry for instrumentation related solutions, with a proven track record, and is geared up to resolve any new challenges ahead. Whether the hydrogen is produced by conventional methods or based on renewable energies, we provide solutions for the entire value chain of the hydrogen industry. Learn more about Hydrogen in our flyer.



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