Air flow sensors

Measurement and control of air flow in ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Air flow sensors are suitable for the measurement and control of air flows in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The air flow calculation is made using the ventilator constant (K factor). For operation in ventilation pipes and ducts, air flow sensors are available with special measuring probes.

What is the function of ventilation and air-conditioning measuring instruments?

Measuring instruments for ventilation and air-conditioning can indicate any excessive pressure loss due to dirty filters, enable the control of the correct operating state and prevent frost damage to the heat exchangers. In addition, they can be used ...


Why is it important to make V/AC equipment as energy-efficient as possible?

For reasons of environmental protection and cost, it is very important to make ventilation and air-conditioning equipment as energy-efficient as possible, since the largest energy consumption in residential, office and commercial real estate is spent ...


What is equipment for ventilation and air-conditioning used for?

Ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, also known as air-handling units, exchanges the used room air with fresh air from the outside. Rooms are thus adequately ventilated and the air quality is improved.