As of 30th April 2022, Tyneside Standards Limited officially became a wholly owned subsidiary of the measurement technology leaders, WIKA Instrument Limited.

For over 75 years, WIKA has been a renowned partner and competent specialist for any task in the field of measurement technology. The reliability of the products and the readiness to face all the challenges of the market alongside their customers has been the key factors for WIKA achieving a leading position in the global market.

Within the WIKA Group, over 10,200 employees are dedicated to maintaining and improving technology in pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement. They are also experts in the fields of force measurement, calibration and SF6 gas solutions.

Think global, act local: Following the founding of the first subsidiary in 1960, there are now 43 subsidiaries within the WIKA Group. These include state-of-the-art production facilities in all central markets, maintenance facilities, installation equipment and teams for additional services. WIKA is also represented around the world by numerous partners.

WIKA Services is a strong focus for the business looking at delivering top class service solutions to our valued instrumentation customers around the globe.

In the UK, this will combine the calibration service and production capabilities of DH Budenberg, Manchester and Tyneside Standards, Jarrow to expand yet further the accredited calibration offerings in Pressure, Temperature, Electrical, Dimensional, Mass, Flow and Torque.

With Tyneside Standards now part of the WIKA group, the focus will be on continuing to provide swift, top class, tailored calibration services to all customers. Now with the added stability, investment, and expertise of the WIKA Group, services can only be enhanced.

All the highly trained staff will remain in place, including the existing management structure.

Concerns and questions may be directed to any existing Tyneside representative.

These are exciting times for the company, and the teams are looking forward to an exceptional future!

Tracey Hays
Tracey Hays
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