LevelSure gauge

The TC Fluid Control LevelSure combines the operation of conventional float type magnetic level gauges with the proven technology of guided wave radar, Magnetostrictive transmitter or reed chain transmitter in one unit. The user benefits from the local visual readout and from the 4-20mA signals provided from the guided wave, magnetostrictive or reed chain transmitters with resolutions down to 0.8mm available.

The LevelSure is a completely self-contained unit and can be mounted to vessels with threaded, flanged or welded connections to suit your specific requirements. Giving an accurate and high confidence reading, the LevelSure gauge is particularly useful in the petrochemical, power generation and pharmaceutical industries.

Product details

  • LevelSure - combined Magnetic Level Gauge with Guided Wave Radar.
  • Two or more independent outputs from one instrument.
  • HART, Profibus & Fieldbus communications are available.
  • ATEX Ex ia, Ex d and/or SIL available.
  • Self-contained, compact unit for mounting to a tank or vessel.
  • Signals can be compared giving a high degree of level confidence.
  • Readings can be compared between two independent electronic systems plus a mechanical visual indication.

Special features

  • Compact - two main design types, one with the instrument chamber in parallel to the magnetic level gauge. The other with the instrument chamber contained within the same housing as the magnetic level gauge saves on installation space.
  • Weight saving - if we use the parallel chamber design we can save more than 20 % in weight over a none combined system.
  • Automatic float warning - at the base of the indicator the wafers / rollers are mounted with their colours in reverse. Should the float reach that level the wafers / rollers will turn presenting a sharp, immediately readable indication of float failure.
  • Sealed float - of reinforced stainless steel, titanium, corrosion resistant plastic or other exotic non-magnetic metals.
  • Sealed chamber - fabricated from stainless steel pipe, corrosion resistant plastics or other exotic non-magnetic metals.
  • Interface applications - the LevelSure is ideally suited for measuring liquid interfaces. Floats are available to meet a variety of specific gravities to suit the liquids being monitored. Combine this with guided wave radar technology for a confident, accurate measurement.
  • Design - units available from 2"NB ANSI#150 all the way up to 8"NB ANSI#2500 rated
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