Instrument chambers

TC Fluid Control instrument chambers are designed to suit your needs. We manufacture to the ASME standard and can supply with a fully butt welded construction or a slip-on weld design.  Diameters are available up to 8" with unlimited length (although a maximum of 6m in each section).

Bespoke chambers can also be manufactured to fit your process. Uniquely designed in-house to enable you to manage weight, size and position of the installation.

We can also supply fitted a guided wave radar to your specification, along with wet testing of the assembly to prove the operation of the instrument.  All this is completed on site at our Sevenoaks factory in the UK.

Product details

  • Quick Despatch – typically 4 weeks for standard materials & without special testing.
  • Design Codes: AD2000, ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3
  • Construction: Butt welded or slip-on welded flanges
  • Pressure rating: Up to Class 2500 PN400
  • Size: Diameter Up to 8” (DN150) N.B Pipe
  • Length: unlimited
  • Materials: Carbon Steel, St/Stl, Duplex F51/F53, Monel, Hastelloy, 6Mo, Inconel (others on request)
  • Full NDE testing available – Radiograph, Dye Penetrant test, PMI (others on request)
TC Fluid Control

TC Fluid Control

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