Digital pressure gauges

High-quality digital pressure gauges from WIKA

Precision digital pressure gauges are suitable for stationary and also mobile measurement and display of pressures. In addition, a digital pressure gauge can be used as a pressure reference and enables the easy testing, adjustment and calibration of other pressure measuring equipment directly on-site. Through efficient measuring cells with electronic linearisation of the characteristic curve, a high accuracy is achieved.

What is a digital pressure gauge?

Digital pressure gauges are used to measure and display pressures. They can be used both stationary and mobile and show the measured values via an integrated display. The reading is simple, direct and precise. Due to their high accuracy, digital pressure gauges are often used in calibration service and cover various measuring ranges. Type CPG1500, for example, is suitable for applications up to 10,000 bar.

Where are digital pressure gauges used?

Digital pressure gauges are used to measure relative and absolute pressure, the areas of application are diverse: in maintenance and service facilities, for quality assurance or for simple calibrations directly on site. For maintenance and service work, various WIKA service kit cases are available, for example with pneumatic pressure generation, such as the model CPG-KITP, or with hydraulic pressure generation, such as the model CPG-KITH.


Will the pressure transmitter still work properly when the supply voltage is slightly below the minimum specified level?

Up to a certain pressure, the pressure transmitter will still provide a correct output signal. If the pressure increases beyond this point, however, the output signal will remain at the same value, since the power supply is not sufficient to drive ...