Tubeskin thermocouples

High-quality tubeskin thermocouples from WIKA

The purpose of tubeskin measurement is to determine tube service life, monitor trending, and provide safeguards within a plant. By relying on accurate tubeskin sensors, clients can achieve increased tube service life and optimised production within heater operations at their plant. WIKA’s tubeskin product portfolio includes the REFRACTO-PAD®, V-PAD®, XTRACTO-PAD® and WELD-PAD thermocouples; and each solution is engineered to fit your application. Along with these tubeskin products, WIKA also provides installation services as a key component to a successful tubeskin solution.


In order to replace an XTRACTO-PAD® (model TC59-X) assembly do I need to buy all the accessories?

No. The tube clips, guide tube with weld-pad and the heat shield will be reused. Only the sensor element needs to be replaced. No welding is required.

What is a tubeskin thermocouple?

Tubeskin thermocouples are used for measuring the temperature of tubes in heaters or furnaces. The thermocouple measures the skin temperature of the tube itself.

Do I need expansion loops?

If you anchor a tubeskin thermocouple outside the furnace (fixed exit) and have any furnace tube movement you will need expansion loops. There are various expansion loops used such as S-loop, multiple coil, single coil and spiral loop.