Thermocouples for temperature measurement up to 1,700 °C

Thermocouples are temperature sensors that generate a voltage directly dependent on temperature. Compared to resistance thermometers, they are particularly suited for high temperatures up to 1,700 °C. Instrument designs from mineral-insulated sheathed cable are very resistant against extremely high vibration loads (depending on instrument model, sensor element and wetted materials). The accuracy classes 1 and 2 apply for thermocouples in accordance with IEC 60584 as well as the standard and special classes in accordance with ASTM E230.

What do the Zones in explosion protection mean?


  • Zone 0 (Category 1): permanent or long-term danger of explosions
  • Zone 1 (Category 2): hazardous atmosphere occasionally exists
  • Zone 2 (Category 3): explosive atmosphere exists only rarely, and then only for a short time


  • Zones 20, 21, 22 wi ...