Oil and gas (up-, mid- and downstream)

The oil and gas industry with its numerous applications along the value chain (upstream, midstream, downstream) places high demands on process measurement technology. Contact with abrasive and corrosive process media, explosion protection, ensuring functional safety and use under sometimes extreme pressure and temperature conditions pose particular challenges. The process instrumentation must therefore not only provide reliable and precise measured values, but must also be designed to be robust and resistant to these demanding operating conditions.

Many companies in the oil and gas industry have committed to achieving their decarbonization goals by 2050. In this context, a variety of new processes are being developed and optimized to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other process-related emissions. The necessary measures also include increasing the energy efficiency of the individual process steps along with the optimized recording of operational process parameters.

WIKA supports the oil and gas industry in overcoming these major challenges with innovative instrumentation solutions for measuring pressure, temperature, level, flow and force, including measures that can minimize and prevent the occurrence of fugitive emissions. In addition, WIKA supplies a wide range of calibration devices as well as an extensive range of services. These services include calibration service, field service for temperature applications and repair of diaphragm seal systems. As a wholly owned subsidiary of WIKA, WEgrid Solutions offers a comprehensive range of products and services for the safe handling of SF6 and other gases, which are used in substations to supply electricity, for example to refineries and offshore plants.

Upstream in the oil and gas industry

Midstream in the oil and gas industry

Downstream in the oil and gas industry