Information on the current delivery situation in the WIKA Group

The key facts in brief

  • Our ability to supply is still ensured, with almost no restriction
  • Our sales and service employees are still available
  • Delays in delivery are possible, depending on the destination
  • Orders in the WIKA online shop are possible 24/7 as usual

Dear Sir or Madam,

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still the dominant topic worldwide. The WIKA Group reacted to this new situation at an early stage and with a multitude of measures.

The health of our employees and of our business partners has the highest priority. With this in mind, we are nevertheless doing everything possible to supply our customers worldwide with the accustomed quality: We are adjusting our inventories of end products, components and materials to the current situation in order to fulfil orders without delay. Seamless and continuous control of the supply chain enables us to react early to emerging bottlenecks.

In parallel, we have taken precautions with our personnel to reduce, as far as possible, the risk of any virus transmission among employees, while maintaining our company processes. Shift operations have been organised accordingly. For example, safety intervals prevent direct contact between the changing shifts. People in key positions work from decentralised locations. In addition, employees entrusted with administrative tasks are increasingly deployed at a home office. We have reduced travel to an unavoidable minimum. This step in no way restricts personal contact with our customers. For meetings, including those involving larger groups, we are increasingly using online meetings, video and telephone conferences.

WIKA's service offerings (calibration service, mobile service, etc.) are still available to you without restrictions. Your contacts from the Service Team are looking forward to your call. Orders can also still be placed around the clock in the WIKA online shop through en.shop.wika.com. Use our quick order service or select your individual product with just a few clicks through a graphical configurator. Questions regarding the online shop and its range of products are answered gladly via our contact form.

WIKA reliability is based upon the awareness of our responsibility towards our customers. We take our slogan “Part of your business” very seriously - you can rest assured that the WIKA instruments that are built into your plants around the world will function reliably and exactly, at all times. You can also rely on us being there for you at all times and without restrictions, especially in the current situation.

Your WIKA Group

Andrea Suhrcke
Andrea Suhrcke
Contact person - Editorial team
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63911 Klingenberg
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