OEM float switch in miniature design

Klingenberg, April 2019.

WIKA now offers OEM manufacturers a miniature float switch. The model RLS-7000/8000has one switch point and is particularly suitable for level monitoring in small tanks.

The performance and design of the float switch meet the requirement of original equipment manufacturers for reliable as well as economical components. In addition to the standard version, design-in solutions are also possible: The model RLS-7000/8000 can be adapted to the respective application through customisation of designs, tank connections and electrical connections. The switch can be installed vertically (RSL-7000) or horizontally (RSL-8000). Its switching function, normally open or normally closed, can be reversed by rotating the float body (RLS-7000) or the complete instrument (RLS-8000) through 180°.

The new float switch has been designed for a long service life. The instrument is available in a variety of robust and chemically resistant plastics with very low water absorption. Its reed contacts provide up to a billion switching cycles, depending on the application. 

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