Bimetal thermometers qualified in accordance with both ASME and EN

Klingenberg, November 2018.

WIKA has further developed its standard bimetal thermometers for global application in the process industry. The model TG53conforms to the ASME B40.200 standard and is manufactured for the inch unit of measure. The model TG54 has been qualified in accordance with the EN 13190 standard.

The new thermometers are designed for flexibility in operation. Customers have a wide selection of nominal sizes and scale ranges available (between -70 °C/-94 °F and +600 °C/+1100 °F). The instruments have a high overtemperature resistance and are certified for low ambient temperatures down to -50 °C/-58 °F. With ATEX approval, IP65 ingress protection (optional up to IP68) and, in the version with liquid damping, they are also suitable for harsh operating conditions.

Both thermometer models are manufactured entirely from stainless steel. The instruments are available in  back mount or lower back mount connection and  adjustable stem and dial variants. The case has a dished anti-parallax dial which makes readability easier.

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