New bimetal temperature switch: Voltage up to 250 V and UL approval

Klingenberg, January 2018.

The new bimetal temperature switch, model TFS135, has been designed by WIKA for a wide range of applications. It is suitable for switching voltages of up to 250 V AC/2.5 A and has a UL approval (cURus) for the North American market.

The TFS135 conforms to the EU low voltage directive. It has been designed for switching temperatures of +50 °C … +130 °C, selectable in stages of 5 K and set permanently on delivery. With a vibration resistance of up to 10 g, the TFS135 operates reliably even under harsh conditions. Electrical plug connections make it easier to commission.

The new switch model is primarily used for the protection of plants and end devices against overheating. The bimetal disc of the TFS135 detects the temperature and triggers the switch contact (normally closed) on reaching the nominal value. After cooling to the reset temperature, the circuit is closed once more and the monitored item is placed back into normal operation.

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