Flow switch with temperature monitoring

Klingenberg, October 2016.

For applications with liquid media, WIKA has developed the new model FSD-3 electronic flow switch with digital display. Switching and analogue outputs for flow, temperature and diagnostics enable strong versatility.

The model FSD-3 can support process control in a number of ways - as a flow monitor (via the switching function), as a trend indicator for the media flow (via the analogue signal) and with integrated temperature measurement (-20 °C … +85 °C). The optional diagnostic function acts on sensor defect (switching function) and whenever the measuring ranges for flow and temperature are exceeded (display indication).

The new flow switch is easy to parameterise via the on-site display and an intuitive menu navigation in accordance with the VDMA standard. It measures flows in the range of 5 … 150 cm/s (water) and 3 … 300 cm/s (oil), with the measured value being displayed in percent. The non-repeatability of flow measurement (5 … 100 cm/s) is ≤ 2 cm/s, of temperature measurement ≤ 0.5 K.

As the first WIKA instrument of its kind, the FSD-3 functions on the calorimetric measuring principle, where the heat dissipation from a heated sensor is directly related to the flow rate. This method of measurement has no moving parts. Therefore, the new flow switch operates free from wear.

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