Isolated barrier completes “Ex i” package

Klingenberg, February 2016.

The isolated barrier modelIS Barriercompletes WIKA's range of intrinsically safe products. The barrier is suitable for installation in zone 2 and is compatible with all corresponding transmitters from WIKA.

For use in hazardous areas, intrinsically safe transmitters require a barrier. It galvanically isolates the circuit between Ex and non-Ex areas. The model IS Barrier supplies sensors, depending on two- or four-wire system, via a power-supplying and non-power-supplying 0/4...20 mA input and also supports transmission of a HART® protocol. The current output can be operated actively or passively. The functional safety of the instrument is confirmed by the approval for SIL 2 applications.

In this way, WIKA offers a complete “Ex i” package: In addition to the sensor and barrier, it includes the matching cables and a form containing the data for the verification of intrinsic safety prescribed by law.


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