OEM pressure transmitter: Resistant to overload and condensation

Klingenberg, July 2013.

WIKA now offers new options with their O-10 OEM pressure transmitter. Under the model designation O-10 (5), the instrument is available with a five-fold overpressure safety and resistance to condensation.

The overload capacity is mainly aimed at applications in the market segments of water supply and irrigation systems. It protects the pressure sensor from possible damage from the water-hammer effect that fast-switching valves can cause.

Furthermore, in the future, the O-10, developed for the global market, will also be available with a condensation-resistant housing. This prevents the formation of condensation in the instrument, which can occur where there is a distinct difference between the fluid and the ambient temperature.

These options increase the durability, and thus the service life, of the O-10 pressure sensor in critical applications.

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