Pressure transmitter, now with USB or CANopen output signal

Klingenberg, October 2011.

WIKA's P-30 pressure transmitter for precision measurementsis now also available with USB or CANopen output signals. Thus a quick and easy connection to a PC and a convenient data acquisition (including evaluation) is possible.

For the instrument, working with measuring rates up to 1 ms or 1kHz, WIKA is also offering new software tools such as a data logger. Via the "EasyCom" configuration program, the pressure transmitter can be easily adjusted. Extensive technical documentation, including interface protocol and DLL, also enables the customer to operate with specific software for his application.

The compact and high-quality P-30 delivers measured values with an accuracy of 0.1 % (TEB), without additional temperature error in the range of 10 ... 60 °C. There is an optional variant with an accuracy of 0.05 % FS available. The precision instrument is also available, as model P-31, with a flush diaphragm.

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